revolutionizing the borkchain

what is fishbork?

Fishbork is an exciting and unique cryptocurrency created by a team of groundbreaking thought-leaders in a renaissance castle outside of Paris. These revolutionaries had the extraordinary vision to create an entirely novel distributed ledger technology that would change the crypto landscape forever. After five grueling days of eating almost nothing but bread, they had a solution. They called it the borkchain.
Utilizing the borkchain gives Fishbork a few incredible advantages. It’s entirely un-hackable, infinitely decentralized, and astonishingly stable. How is this possible? The answer lies in our proprietary yet open-source non-existence algorithms – you can’t hack, find, or devalue what doesn’t actually exist. In addition, our proof of bork protocol adds an added level of security, signaling yet another radical departure from other cryptocurrencies.
Fishbork Fork

the fishbork difference

Fishbork also holds the distinction of being the only crypto solution that was created entirely by accident. Due to a mismanaged hashing algorithm, two experimental cryptocurrencies, Fishcoin and Borkcoin, forked and created a new tributary in the borkchain stream. Because Fishcoin was a security token and Borkcoin was a utility token, Fishbork became the only syndicated security and utility token on the market. This gives it the added benefit of being free from any government oversight whatsoever.
One thing that many of our investors never realized is that Fishbork is also social media. In fact, the primary goal of fishbork is to do enough paid SEO to make a Google search for Facebook ask, “Did you mean Fishbork?” That makes us the only company doing an ICO to fund SEO, and we think that’s something to be excited about.

where does fishbork go from here?

The short answer is “up.” Because the borkchain doesn’t exist, Fishbork doesn’t actually have a market cap. Instead, it has a market carp, which is basically the biggest number you’ve ever written down. Our simulations have also shown that a hard fork in the borkchain stream will result in Fishbork Cash within sixteen months, leading to even more market share and profitability.

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